Earlier this year we were lucky enough to present a Platter Styling Masterclass at Wine and Cheese Fest 2018. I AM BOARD Founder and Managing Director presented 2 masterclasses where she shared the story of I AM BOARD and talked her way through creating the perfect cheese board come artistic masterpiece. 

While we were initially amazed by the number of you who let us know you had come for the day just to see us, we were so incredibly grateful. Thank you so everyone who took the time to hang out, learn how to create a BOARD and we hope you all enjoyed tasting the delicious produce fresh from the South Melbourne Market that morning! 

We have had so many people since ask us if we will be doing any more masterclasses, while it's not currently on the cards, if it is something that you're interested in doing please feel free to fill out our contact form and let us know exactly what you would like to see! 

Photography - Sammy Green

Tables - Complete Function Hire

Produce - Fresh from South Melbourne Market

Greenery - Azalea Florist

IAMBOARD_SammyGreen (26).JPG
IAMBOARD_SammyGreen (23).JPG
IAMBOARD_SammyGreen (3).JPG
IAMBOARD_SammyGreen (71).JPG
IAMBOARD_SammyGreen (35).JPG
Maddie Gleeson