Image Credit:  The LANE  Fig Manhatten

Image Credit: The LANE Fig Manhatten

While Beer and Champagne are always sure to do the trick, if you're looking to take your event to the next level, I always recommend a BIG BOARD. But the next best thing is a signature cocktail!

Why? You might ask. The answer is simple... making cocktails is fun, they taste delicious and everyone gets *x2* more intoxicated than they usually would when drinking them. But seriously, a cocktail can say something about you that beer and champagne cannot. A cocktail can tell a story, it can express unique flavours, colours and details about who you are as an individual or as a brand. 

When designing your signature cocktail - which should appear at every event you host - here are some things to keep in mind... 

  1. Who are you? 
  2. What colours represent your brand? 
  3. What flavours do you personally love? 
  4. How do you want it to look? 
  5. Can you easily recreate it?

For example, I AM BOARD is probably a Coconut Margarita. It's a classic idea, with a bit of a spin and essentially fail proof, everyone loves cheese and everyone loves a margarita so the two go hand in hand. Our branding is white and black and white so the white in the drink will reflect that... and did I mention we love tequila? 

Enjoy our Cocktail Party Playlist here.


Maddie Gleeson