One of the things I hear most is people stressing about the vibe of their party, well before the event has started! The fear that people will spend the night on their phones and then be searching for the exit at 7pm - on a Saturday - is real. So here's my tips to create the kind of vibe where you plan to go for the first hour... and end up being the last to leave. 

Image Credit:  Spell Designs  (Pre-Splendour Party) 

Image Credit: Spell Designs (Pre-Splendour Party) 

Music is KING

Having a killer playlist is the most important part, I would argue, of any event. Whether it’s a dinner party graced with the sweet sounds of Billy Joel serenading an intimate table of friends or a garden party with Paul Simon bringing a fresh and lively energy - the playlist is key. Jump on Spotify, create the perfect playlist and work it! 

Introduce everyone

When you’re hosting a party, work the room! Make sure you introduce everyone - follow the Bridget Jones rule and always include an interesting statement about each person when you do! Give people something to talk about as you free yourself up to greet the next person. A party where people feel like they know a few people always has a better vibe than a room full of strangers!

Give people something to bond over

Always have something that everyone can be part of! Whether it’s a photo booth or grazing table - have something that everyone can stand around, discuss and be part of! I’ve had some of my best conversations at events discussing food, so make sure you invest in something that will get people talking! 

Fill your space

Always make sure that you have enough people to fill your venue! I always work on the 70 - 30 % rule. Of all the people you invite, there’s a good chance that 30% won’t be able to attend. So find a venue that will fit 70% of your list - not 100%! There’s nothing more awkward that a massive room with hardly any people.

Seriously consider your crowd

Whether it’s a corporate networking event, a launch event for the sickest new bar in town or a dinner party with 10 of your couple friends - think about who you’re inviting! Think about what people have in common and what interests could bring those people together. Nobody wants to see a bunch of people sitting stiffly in suits on a couch watching everyone else dance, just like nobody wants to see a girl dancing on the bar in a room full of middle aged corporate types trying to pitch their latest business venture to a potential investor… think of who mixes well and who may not. 

Image credit: The LANE (Watercolour workshop) 

Image credit: The LANE (Watercolour workshop) 

Maddie Gleeson